Men of Honor, Book 4: Bound by Danger
By Ann
Jun 10, 2012 - 7:30:30 PM

Clint “Tomcat” Sommers has been undercover for the CIA as an enforcer for the Killers motorcycle club trying to gather enough evidence to bust this gang.  It is especially dangerous if they find out he is a gay man living a lie.  He is completely thrown for a loop when he finds himself attracted to Navy SEAL Jace Reynolds, who joins the club sporadically to connect with his cousin Kenny.  Even though there are sparks between them, Clint knows that he cannot act on any of his feelings because one wrong move will compromise his mission.  Yet, fate pushes Clint and Jace towards a bumpy and volatile relationship where one wrong move could spell disaster.

BOUND BY DANGER is the latest book in the MEN OF HONOR series.  Clint is in deep cover and never expected to find himself attracted to Jace, much less contemplating a long-term relationship.  He knows that he must keep up his “straight” persona or else all of his hard work will go for naught.  Jace wants Clint and awkwardly goes after him which is endearing.  He is clearly the less experienced but no less sexy of the two.  They both have major trust issues which causes severe problems in their relationship which bends but doesn’t break it.  It was nice to revisit previous characters from other books and there is a secondary parallel romance which I hope will be further explored in a future novel.  BOUND BY DANGER is a welcome addition to the MEN OF HONOR series and I can’t wait for the next book. 

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