Dare to be Dirty – A Dirty Girls Book Club Novel
By Chrissy Dionne
Jul 1, 2013 - 5:35:13 AM

Book clubs are staid and uninspiring with nothing but classics and ‘safe’ titles as book selections, right?  Not true!  The Dirty Girls Book Club is daring to venture out of the safe genres and checking out some sinfully delicious erotic titles – and if they opt to do a little extracurricular research on the topics then so much the better, right?


Kim Chang dreams of starting a career based on her love for art, but her traditional Chinese parents have only agreed to allow her to study art for two years in Vancouver and then she’s expected to return to Hong Kong and take up a position in the company her parents’ built.  Defying them isn’t even something she’d consider but she loves Vancouver, her book club friends and knows she wants more from life than being buried behind a desk with her creativity stifled. 


The book club’s newest selection, ‘Ride Her, Cowboy’ isn’t exactly Kim’s ideal read, she’s a through and through city girl after all, but figures the sex scenes might make it worth reading.  Marielle takes things a step further and suggests a field trip to a country fair and rodeo which ultimately horrifies Kim who can’t imagine life outside a city but she agrees to go – and becomes fixated on one cowboy in particular, Ty Ronan.


Ty enjoys competing at the rodeos though he’s no longer a full time pro since he bought the Ronan Ranch three years ago.  He’s certainly glad he opted to compete at the Fraser Valley rodeo when he lays eyes on an exotic creature that reminds him of a dragonfly with her spiky colored hair and silky bright top.  She looks so out of place yet Ty can’t deny she arouses him in ways he wouldn’t have expected.  Ty’s mother insists it’s time that he look for a wife, but he hasn’t had the time or interest but something about Kim just clicks with him.


They’re from two different worlds and Kim has no illusions about a happily-ever-after with Ty but there’s nothing wrong with looking.  Unfortunately she’s a lightweight when it comes to alcohol and instead of sticking to her ‘values’ she decides to follow her passion and accompany Ty back to his room.  It’s an action she regrets in the morning, but then as she reads more of their book selection and engages in discussions with the rest of the book club she realizes that there’s nothing wrong with embracing the desire broiling between her and Ty, after all she’ll be returning to Hong Kong while he’ll be staying on his beloved ranch.  What she soon realizes is there is life outside of the city and Ty is more than supportive of her business ideas, something her parents might not be willing to accept.  Can Kim find the strength to stand up to her parents and build a future for herself with the man she’s coming to love?


Savanna Fox’s DARE TO BE DIRTY is a refreshingly fun and entertaining read.  In fact, the series, DIRTY GIRLS BOOK CLUB, has proven to be wickedly delightful so far.  How many times have you read a romance novel and wanted to step into the heroine’s position or wondered if you could spice up your love life by incorporating a few of the ideas from the book into your own bedroom?  Ms. Fox allows readers to let their imaginations run wild as Kim and Ty embark on their whirlwind romance despite their ethnic differences and the results are positively delightful.  Kim’s artistic nature just drew me to her and Ty… well let’s face it; cowboys are just too sexy for words.  They’re not your typical couple which I think is part of what makes this story one you’ll want to read over and over.


Here are the titles in the DIRTY GIRLS BOOK CLUB, in order:

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DARE TO BE DIRTY – release date July 2, 2013

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