Wild Ride to Love, Book 3 - His, Unexpectedly

Author: Susan Fox

Publisher: Kensington Brava

Release Date: February 2011

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5


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Jenna Fallon is the black sheep of the Fallon clan.  Where the rest of the family is focused and even driven toward a particular goal she loves to go where the breeze takes her; trusting fate to provide whatever she might need.  With her youngest sister, Merilee, getting married, Jenna sets out in her old MGB she’s affectionately named ‘Mellow Yellow’ to make it to Vancouver, B.C. in time for the wedding.  Unfortunately Mellow Yellow decides she needs a break far before Jenna makes it out of California – but it looks like the universe has sent a solution to her problem in the form of sexy marine biologist Mark Chambers, who as it happens is also on his way to British Columbia. 

Marine biologist Mark Chambers is on his way to Vancouver as well though his trip is for business reasons rather than pleasure.  Mark takes everything seriously and has no concept of how to joke or even flirt.  He’s focused on saving the environment and certainly never anticipated encountering anyone quite like Jenna.  He’s been raised by his grandparents who aren’t very affectionate so Jenna’s affinity for hugging and finding pleasure in every new experience aren’t traits he’s used to encountering in the people he normally encounters.  


Jenna convinces Mark to allow her to tag along with him for the trip to Vancouver.  Along the way they discover they share a desire to help save the environment.  However, where Mark’s goals are focused, Jenna’s are more haphazard and dependent on what interests her at any given time.  Jenna isn’t interested in marriage and children and certainly isn’t about to commit the rest of her life to one man.  Mark isn’t interested in marriage either, but he loves children and could easily envision Jenna with a baby.  Jenna seems to be fun-loving and carefree but as Mark will soon discover she’s been deeply hurt and he’ll have to tread carefully if he wants more than just a wild road trip out of this deal.  Falling in love was never part of his plans but even he can’t deny that Jenna’s gotten under his skin – even if he has to sneak peeks at maps and call ahead for reservations because she’s a fly by the seat of her pants kind of girl.


While each of the stories in the WILD RIDE TO LOVE series have been wonderful in their own rights, I do believe HIS, UNEXPECTEDLY contains the most captivating and emotionally driven storyline so far.  On the surface Mark and Jenna don’t appear to have much in common but as you learn more about them it becomes clear that they share a certain understanding of the vagabond lifestyle.  What really touched me about HIS, UNEXPECTEDLY is the relationship Jenna shares with her parents and sisters.  In a family of overachievers, she doesn’t feel like she’s as readily accepted as her sisters and she shows this when she tells Mark that with her family it’s a “I love you, but…” kind of love.  There’s a scene where the sisters and their mother sit down and share their real feelings which is very insightful and uplifting.  Susan Fox makes a road trip up the Pacific Coast sound absolutely exhilarating – or maybe it’s the company – especially if you’re traveling companion is sexy as hell and puts so much obvious care into making sure their sexual encounters are highly memorable.


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By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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