The Love Potion

Author: Sandra Hill

Publisher: Avon

Release Date: July 31,2012

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Love-brew jelly beans exist thanks to Dr. Sylvie Fontaine, a beautiful, blushing, bashful chemist. Sylvie needs an able-bodied man to ingest and test them. She knows the jelly beans work because she fed them to her lab rats and the wily creatures have been bopping for hours. Sylvie entertains ideas on certain men whom she wants to test her jelly beans on, but destiny has other plans. Introducing Lucien LeDeux, the South’s charming Cajun scalawag and Sylvie’s nemesis or is he? Sylvie won’t deny that Luc is delectably handsome and drives her crazy. So what is a proper Southern girl supposed to do?

Lucien LeDeux, a charismatic Adonis, visits Sylvie at her lab to ask for her help. Subconsciously, his male pride is telling him not to but he needs her help quickly for business dealings.  Sylvie and Luc have known each other for years, since grade school in fact. Luc used to rib her a lot when they were kids. Consequently, Sylvie avoided him at all costs since she didn’t like being the center of attention and it exacerbated her shyness. While Luc speaks with Sylvie at her lab, he grabs the jelly beans close by and in one split second tosses them into his mouth before she can protest. Sylvie is stunned and then gets angry. Luc ate all of her love-brew jelly beans!


Luc notices how attractive Sylvie is when she is mad. Wait, what is with him? He never thought of Sylvie as being beautiful but then again, is he fooling himself? He absolutely loves her rear view.  Uh oh…what is in the jelly beans he just ate?


Sassy Southern cooking, follies of life and pesky people populate Sandra Hill’s new novel called THE LOVE POTION. Genuine laughs galore! Ms. Hill gives a new meaning to light-hearted romantic comedy in this humorous, sparkling comedy/caper. When a modest chemist, Sylvie Fontaine, creates a love concoction in the form of a jelly bean, trouble ensues. An eye-catching Cajun, Lucien LeDeux, impulsively ingests them without thought or the ramifications they spell. What happens next is unbelievable. I loved his quirky aunt and her off-the-wall ideas that brought romantic entanglements into Sylvie and Luc’s lives. Feathering the nest?! Wait until you read what she does! As if they don’t have enough problems already with someone shooting at them right and left! Who wants to cause them harm? Luc and Sylvie make a run for it with boinking rats in hand. THE LOVE POTION is a wild rip-roaring adventure and a little bit risqué. Like a little bit sweet, a little bit lime Southern iced tea!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Michele Rioli

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