Cougar Challenge Series, Book 1 - Play It Again, Sam
By Chrissy Dionne
Jun 19, 2013 - 2:31:08 PM

As the Director of Human Resources at Blake and Howell Pharmaceuticals Monica Allen puts in long hard hours which leaves very little time to really enjoy life and certainly no time to indulge in romance or sex… she really misses sex.  The one place she feels free to let go and allow her naughtier side to run wild is on the Tempt the Cougar blog which she helped form after meeting a group of like-minded women at RomantiCon.  The whole purpose of the blog is to celebrate younger men.  Celebrate away!  But Monica wants to take it a step further and challenges the group, and herself, to make their fantasies a reality with a younger man.  It’s a bold challenge – and one Monica is ready to tackle – especially after Cam’s response to her blog post “You first. *grin*.”  Challenge accepted.

Monica’s decision to visit a local grad student bar is met with a bit of trepidation when she notices just how young the patrons are, but she’s determined to not back down from the very challenge she issued.  At the very least she could have a drink, dance a little, and engage in some conversation… beats another night at home alone. 


Sam Lincoln slings drinks at the bar to help pay for grad school and while the usual crowd is a bunch of rowdy men, he’s thrilled when he sees a mature woman walk in the door.  Sam has a thing for older women and really wants to get to know Monica away from the bar, but getting her to stay until his shift is over is going to be a challenge.  Fortunately his roommate, Josh Vann, is more than willing to keep her company for the duration – even though he’s a little disappointed that Sam saw her first.  You see, Josh has his own fantasies – and Monica doesn’t see any reason to deny the younger man his fantasy when it could enhance her own.  After all, this is a one-time deal, right?


Romance at any age is always fun but when there’s a cougar involved there’s an added element of excitement and daring that might not have been present before.  In Samantha Kane’s PLAY IT AGAIN, SAM Monica sets out to nab one younger man for a casual hook up and ends up nabbing two for an evening of firsts for all of them.  What I especially love about this series isn’t necessarily the hookups, though they’re hot, it’s the friendships that have been formed between the blog ladies.  There’s a support system there that’s sweet – and encourages ladies to let out their naughtier side. 


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PLAY IT AGAIN, SAM is also available in the print book TEMPT THE COUGAR which also contains two other titles in the COUGAR CHALLENGE series:

BEAUTY OF SUNSET by Lynne Connolly


WINTER’S THAW by Dalton Diaz


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