Sexploration Series, Book 5 – Touch Me
By Chrissy Dionne
May 15, 2009 - 3:40:10 PM

Eden Morell is perfectly happy with her life.  She has her store, great friends, and her writing career.  So what if she’s overweight and single, after all, she doesn’t enjoy sex so she certainly doesn’t need a man.  Of course, her friends would disagree with her since Eden wants to incorporate sex scenes into her writing and the best way to do that is to experience really good sex.


The idea of engaging in red hot scorching sex seems like a highly improbable idea especially since she isn’t seeing anyone and men aren’t exactly beating her door down for a date.  All that changes though when an overwhelmingly masculine man parks his motorbike in front of her store and enters her life – with no intentions of ever leaving.


Sean Patrick Rafferty isn’t rough and rowdy like Eden first assumes.  He’s a professor teaching a summer course in Boston.  He’s got a delightfully wicked sense of humor, makes talking physics infinitely sexy and the best thing yet – he loves Eden’s curvaceous figure.  As a physicist Sean’s well acquainted with the art of observation and nothing will please him more than spending all summer observing Ms. Morell – up close and personal.


Within moments of meeting, Sean charms Eden with his quirky sense of humor and easy banter.  He also conveniently talks her into a dinner date after assuring her that his mother would vouch that he’s harmless.  During the course of dinner, Eden discovers that she’s completely at ease with Sean and talking sex is actually getting her all hot and bothered.


For the first time in her life, Eden’s ready for some down and dirty wild sex and wouldn’t you know it, Sean has to go all gentlemanly at the door and leaves her with a scorching kiss that has her praying her B.O.B.’s batteries are still good.


Eden knows the technicalities of sex, after all she was studying to be a doctor at one point – before she lost faith in the medical field, but she’s never understood the emotional impact really good sex would create.  Fortunately Sean’s more than ready to make sure Eden finally learns everything she needs to know about the enjoyment of physical intimacy.


While Sean’s busy seducing Eden with little gifts and sweet gestures, her friends Dee, Dini, Fenny and Stella are there to provide emotional support and as her own personal cheering squad.  She can’t take herself too seriously with this wacky bunch of gals around – especially when they seem to take such delight in discussing her lack of a sex life and just why it is that she’s never experienced the ‘Big O.’ The general consensus is that Eden’s just never met a man who turns her on – and it appears that Sean may be exactly the sort of man Eden needs to finally experience earth shattering sex.


The SEXPLORATIONS series by Sahara Kelly and Ciana Stone captured my attention with the very first book and has only gotten better with each new addition.  The characters are charming, witty, and absolutely loveable.  It’s easy to feel like you’re a part of their circle of friends whenever these ladies get together.  Their frank discussions about sex, love, life - or in Dini’s case anything that has potential to explode - kept me chuckling and eagerly reading wanting to get to know them better.


With TOUCH ME, Sahara Kelly introduces us to two characters who couldn’t be more perfect for each other.  Eden and Sean are highly intelligent and it shows in their banter but there’s an emotional need that’s so prevalent in them both that it practically brings tears to your eyes.  Of course the sex is scorching which is always a big plus but it’s really the emotional appeal and the honest feel to the storyline and these characters that makes this a series I know I’ll read many times over.


Only one more story to go before the SEXPLORATION series is officially over.  I can’t wait for the next addition but know it will break my heart to have to say goodbye to these characters who’ve brought such pleasure to my life.



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