Wild Ride Series, Book 2 – Love, Unexpectedly
By Chrissy Dionne
Jul 1, 2010 - 5:01:55 PM

Kat Fallon’s love life leaves much to be desired.  She’s been photographed on the arms of some of the most eligible men in the world but the relationships have all been superficial and end with her lonely and hunting for Mr. Right.  Kat longs for marriage and children which don’t appear to be anywhere in the near future.  With her youngest sister’s wedding quickly approaching she’s feeling more vulnerable than ever and more than a little envious but attending the wedding sans date isn’t an appealing idea – instead she asks her best friend Naveen to accompany her.

Naveen Bharani has been in love with his neighbor Kat since he moved in next door, but she flat out refuses to consider any sort of romantic relationship with him because she doesn’t want to lose his friendship.  Nav has never been a man to base anything in his life on appearances and he’s not about to start now.  He’s defied his family’s demands for him to marry a bride of their choosing and take his place in the family company and instead pursued the photography career he desires.  However, if Kat needs flash and anonymity to consider him a possible contender for her heart then he just might have to indulge her.


Kat’s always used her vivacious personality to stand out in her family of overachievers so traveling home to help put together Merilee’s wedding to to the boy she fell in love with during their early years in grade school.  While she loves her family she’s never quite felt like she’s lived up to their expectations and become a sort of joke with her ‘string of loser boyfriends.’  She’s sure they’d approve of Nav - if she could just get him to clean up a little bit, shave, and maybe shop for some trendier clothing.  Oh she doesn’t deny that he’s an attractive man and she’s fantasized about him more than she should but that’s why she can’t date him – good friends are hard to come by and she doesn’t want to lose him.  He agrees to fly out to meet her in Vancouver to be her date while understanding that she likes to take the train because she enjoys meeting strangers.  But he can’t help wonder if things would be different if he was one of those strangers on that train.


LOVE, UNEXPECTEDLY is a thrilling joyride of a novel that drives home the idea that sometimes love really is much closer than you believe.  Kat’s obviously got some deep seated issues that prevent her from seeing the possibilities of loving Nav.  Fortunately he’s got no such qualms as his pursuit of Kat demonstrates beautifully.  I love how this story builds on SEX DRIVE (published under the pen name Susan Lyons), the first book in the WILD RIDE series.  The Fallon sisters’ relationship seems so strained and each sister has insecurities that bleed through in Susan Fox/Susan Lyons writing but we’re also able to witness as they mend the bonds and hurts that have developed over the years.   Ms. Fox tells Nav and Kat’s story with much compassion, humor and heat.  After all, is there anything sexier than a man willing to pursue a woman on a train across Canada while playing ‘stranger games’ just to get her attention. 

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