Heat Waves

Author: Susan Lyons

Publisher: Berkley Heat

Release Date: July 2011

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Gwen Austin is in charge of her first destination wedding and she has mixed emotions about the whole experience.  She’s nervous about everything going according to plan, excited to be in Greece and sad that she never got to make this trip with her now deceased husband.  The wedding party will spend several days aboard a ship called the Aphrodite and Gwen is looking forward to the cruise… or she was until she learned that the cruise director she’d been corresponding with has been replaced by a brand new cruise director.

Santos Michaelides is confident he can handle the cruise director position even though he’s really not in the tourism industry.  He’s an insurance fraud investigator and the person he’s investigating just happens to be scheduled to be on this excursion.  While keeping an eye on the suspect is top priority Santos isn’t opposed to spending some one on one time with Gwen and getting to know her intimately. 


Since her husband’s illness and subsequent death Gwen has struggled to get back to the business of living and she also can’t stand for anything to deviate from her plans.   Unfortunately, Santos mere presence blows all her fine honed self control and protective armor right out of the water.  He told her why he’s really on the Aphrodite as soon as he could but other than his identity he can’t reveal any details about the case he’s investigating.  Gwen doesn’t even know if it’s one of the staff or someone in the wedding party.  Santos may be aboard the ship to investigate a possible crime, but his attraction to Gwen deserves some up close and personal attention as well.’

ROCK THE BOAT is deliciously sexy and fun.  Gwen’s panic over anything uncontrollable is understandable yet funny and Santos does an admirable job of soothing her frazzled nerves and helping her to relax.  As a reader I felt a great deal of empathy for Gwen as well as Santos.  They deserve to be happy and what better way to do it than indulging in a red hot secret shipboard romance?  




IT consultant Flynn Kavanagh’s neat, orderly life has been shattered by court trials and the general consensus that he’s guilty of stealing millions from his clients.  It doesn’t matter that he was exonerated of the crimes; the damage to his reputation has been done.  The wedding cruise is his chance to get away, relax and just enjoy himself but the discovery that the lawyer who led his prosecution is on the same cruise complicates things – especially since he can’t decide if he wants to kiss or kill her.


Kendra Kirk has always taken great pride in her legal career.  She takes great pains to make sure she has all the facts in a case and believes in what she does but something about Flynn’s case still bothers her.  Kendra lives for work so her friends and family are hoping she’ll loosen up a bit while on this cruise but no one knows about the connection between her and Flynn…


Flynn has good reason to be furious with Kendra.  Her decision to prosecute him effectively destroyed his career but it also placed hardships on his mother and his half-brother who’s been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome and whom he helps support.  As furious as he is with the injustice of it all there’s still an attraction between them that Flynn would like to explore but not if she still believes he’s guilty.  Sexual tension is at an all time high and Kendra succumbs to her desire for Flynn but how will she feel when she learns the truth about the missing funds?


The whole time I was reading ROCK THE BOAT I was intrigued by the sparks of animosity between Flynn and Kendra and questioned Flynn’s innocence or guilt so was more than happy to dive right into MAKING WAVES.  This story was even better than I’d expected because while most of the world views things in black and white there is a grey area and sometimes exceptions do have to be made.  Susan Lyons shows great compassion for Flynn and Kendra and their complicated relationship but what really captured my attention in this story is the care she shows when writing about Flynn’s half-brother’s quirks due to Asperger’s. 



Mix yourself a Heat Wave (the recipe is even provided in the beginning of the book), pull up a chair and settle in for a romantic read that will melt your heart and capture your imagination.  Like Ms. Lyons other Destination Wedding books, SEX ON THE BEACH and SEX ON THE SLOPES, this title combines an exotic location with the romanticism of a wedding and the results are positively breathtaking.  The characters are realistically flawed which makes them extremely easy to relate to and endears them to the reader.  Susan Lyons does an amazing job bringing these stories to life in an entertaining way that captures the imagination and gives the reader reason to smile.   


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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