Someone Like You
By Sherri Myers
Sep 23, 2004 - 9:35:00 PM

Jill Strathern is an associate in a prestigious San Francisco law firm working toward a junior partner promotion when she catches her husband Lyle with his pants down. Literally. Going from bad to worse, she is fired from her job later that same day. After filing for divorce, Jill heads back to her hometown of Los Lobos, California, to get a fresh start on her shattered life. Planning on it only being a temporary detour, is there anything or anyone that can convince Jill to remain in Los Lobos permanently?

Mac Kendrick is the sheriff of Los Lobos and was once the high school crush of Jill Strathern. Fresh from divorce himself, Mac is seeking shared custody of his young daughter. With Jill living with her Aunt Bev in town, and with Bev being Mac's little girl's babysitter, Jill and Mac find their paths cross frequently. Soon an attraction develops and they become lovers. When Jill is offered several high profile jobs, will she choose to accept one of them, or will she find small town life with Mac more her cup of tea?


SOMEONE LIKE YOU is an enjoyable read by USA Today bestselling author Susan Mallery. What starts out as a mutual affair turns into a full-fledged romance by the book's end. With the addition of quirky cases and ex-spouses thrown in the mix, along with the color-coordinated daughter who only eats food the color of her clothing, this book is sure to hold your attention from start to finish. It just goes to show you really can go home again, and even find the love of your life right where you left it years earlier!

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