SOS: Convenient Husband Required
By Pamela Denise
Oct 3, 2010 - 5:10:52 PM

May Coleridge has just been dealt a stunning blow. It seems her grandfather failed to mention a clause in his will, and now she is in danger of losing the only home she has ever known. The will states that she has to be married by her thirtieth birthday or the estate reverts back to common property. May has less than a month to get hitched, and she is without a boyfriend or even a blind date in sight. Known by most as the town spinster, her chances do not look so good. When old high school sweetheart Adam Wavell shows up to rescue her and a kitten from a tree, things get even more complicated.

Adam Wavell has strived hard to move past his poor family’s reputation and make a name for himself. Now a self-made millionaire, he can have any woman he chooses and anything else he desires. Yet he can’t seem to get past the hurt or the torch he’s carried for May Coleridge of Coleridge house. When he arrives at work one morning to find his delinquent sister has left her baby at his office, he is in a major bind. The women in Adam’s current circle are not exactly the motherly type, and his days are filled with meetings and business deals. He builds up the courage to approach the only woman he can think of who might possibly be able to help, a woman he’s not associated with in years…May. 

When Adam finds out about May’s misfortune, he seizes the opportunity to step in as her fiancé if she agrees to help with his infant niece. Adam finds it ironic that he gets to spend his time in the infamous house that he was not welcome in as a teenager. He also plans to get May out of his system during their arrangement.  What he doesn’t count on is to discover the truth about a painful night or to feel the emotions that May kindles in him. May has never forgotten Adam and being in such close contact has brought up all the fond memories she has of him, as well as, the deeper feelings she never expected. Though their bargain is only one of convenience, May can’t help but wish for more.

A clause, a baby and a bargain take center stage in the plot of SOS: CONVENIENT HUSBAND REQUIRED. Liz Fielding does a marvelous spin on the marriage of convenience and reunions in this charming storyline. I really warmed up to her characters. May reminds me a bit of Bridget in Bridget Jones’ Diary, she is a bit frumpy and not your average heroine, yet her personality shines through and captivates. Adam was a hero that surprised me. I was expecting a man jaded and hardened due to his past, yet he is neither of those things. He is still very much self conscious, regardless of all of his accomplishments and a gentleman, despite everything. This is a sweet romance that will keep the pages turning amid the smiles and a few tears.

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