Holding Out for a Hero, Book 3 - Flash Point
By Maree Schuler
Mar 1, 2011 - 4:53:53 PM

FLASH POINT was a yummy read that will have you looking at Little Red Riding Hood in a whole new light! Kate is a baker who knows how to temp sexy firefighter Todd’s sweet tooth but has a secret that makes it much harder for her to tempt her friend into bed. Add into the mix some meddling friends with hearts of gold and a neighbor who seems to be more then he appears and you get the perfect recipe for the third book in the HOLDING OUT FOR A HERO series that satisfy your craving for an erotic read that has a great story line and hot sex in the mix!

This was one of the funniest and most creative spins on girl wants boy I have had the pleasure of reading! The book will leaving you laughing and fanning yourself all within pages of each other! Between the delicious deserts and the hunky firemen described I had a sudden craving to burn some cupcakes. While they each fight their emotions for their own reasons neither can deny the mounting feelings of lust and love that are growing between them and they both have to figure out if friends can be lovers or even more!


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