Signed, Sealed and Delivered
By Natasha Smith
Jun 1, 2008 - 3:30:41 PM

Alana Simmons is traveling from Florida to England with the hopes of being trained to submit by Sir Ethan Kendall.  It took her months via email to convince Sir Ethan that she was serious with her desire to submit and her diligence has paid off – she is on her way to finally meet the man that will hopefully change her life.

Ethan Kendall is not fully convinced that Alana realizes what being a true submissive and trained by him entails.  However, Ethan is ill prepared for the emotions she invokes in him.  If Ethan knows anything it is that he wants to push Alana as far as he can.  When she enters his limo for the very first time, Ethan immediately begins her training. 


Alana is not prepared for the level of intensity that Ethan and Thomas, Ethan’s man servant and lover invoke in her.  She truly believed she knew what it meant to submit when in actuality, she knew very little.  The question is, will Ethan be patient enough to train her for more than just two weeks?


SIGNED, SEALED AND DELIVERED pushed every BDSM loving button I have.  I relished every word.  Ethan is one of the most dominant characters I have ever read about without being a bully.  He demands Alana’s compliance and he gets it.  I was astonished at the level of trust he demands in Alana and couldn’t help but wish for a happy ending!


SIGNED, SEALED AND DELIVERED by Sierra Cartwright is earthy and gritty.  It is a great look at the D/s lifestyle and was just the perfect read for me.  I loved watching the relationship between Thomas, Ethan and Alana unfold and wish I could have stayed in England with these three magnetic characters!

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