Staged to Death
By Sue Leech
Apr 1, 2014 - 8:00:00 AM

A Caprice De Luca mystery, first in a new series.

Caprice De Luca is an interior designer who decided to go into home staging when she is hired to stage a house being put on the sale market. Caprice is single and lives alone with a cat - Sophie and a dog - Dylan, plus any other strays which happen to show up.

Roz Winslow is a school friend of Caprice's and she hires Caprice to redo and stage her home for sale.  Roz and her husband Ted Winslow decide to move in order to expand his firm and they want their house to sell fast.

The drama begins when Ted Winslow is found murdered in the sword room he is so proud of. The weapon was one of his famous daggers which he collects.

Roz, his wife, becomes the prime suspect when she and Caprice are the first ones to find the body. All leads give her many motives and she is the widow who will profit from his death.

Ted Winslow's past brings up many leads, but nothing solid enough to arrest anyone. Could a love affair gone wrong be reason for murder?  Could someone be jealous of what Ted collects?

Many skeletons start coming out of the Winslow's closets but, the grief stricken wife is still under the eyes of the law.
Caprice is determine to poke her nose in and seek answers, but she starts treading on dangerous ground and finds she is also in peril as she is in someone's way.

Roz is her friend and Caprice refuses to take advise from anyone as she searches for answers and motives to save her friend. A surprise ending is in store for the reader, but not without many twists and turns and moments of breath taking scares.

Toss in some romantic situations for Caprice and get to know her caring family. You will want to visit Kismit, Pennsylviana, where this exciting book takes place.

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