Vipers Run

Author: Stephanie Tyler

Publisher: Berkley

Release Date: July 1, 2014

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: Print

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Calla Benson works in a PI’s office. With her boss’s aid, she learns to cope and rebuild after the latest development caused by her older half-brother. Calla had been trying to move past the trauma that has been haunting her since she was sixteen. She intercepts a phone call intended for her boss that inadvertently involves her in a dangerous situation between two rival motorcycle clubs, changing her life and future forever.

Christian Cage Owens was born into the MC (motorcycle club) world. It is all that he really knows and is comfortable in. He owes a large debt to the Vipers for all they did for him as a child growing up. To protect the brotherhood from Heathens’ wrath and after a stint in the army, Cage goes rogue to gather information to indict the rival MC of drug trafficking. While he lies injured, close to death, he unintentionally embroils an old Army friend and the man’s employee into the danger with a phone call.

At first, I had my reservations about Calla. I did not exactly like her but neither did I hate her but chose to withhold judgment until I learned more about her and the circumstances that defined her. Once I delved into her history, I then started to empathize with her. The author has this amazing knack of creating sympathy for her characters’ hardships and inner demons. Stephanie Tyler always gives her heroes and heroines some flaw or skeleton that haunts them and forces them to battle through as they find that special someone.

Cage fit every perception I had ever known and come to expect with bikers and their rough but intricate world. Having grown up with a father associated with bikers and their rule-laden clubs, I easily assimilated with Cage’s character and the MC world he lived in. He continues to endear me throughout the book, from his bull-headed insistence to deal justice to the ones responsible for Calla’s pain, while keeping the promises he made to her knowing how she felt about them, to helping her heal and exorcise the ordeal she experienced as a teenager.

I did fall in love and formed a rapport with the side character Tennessee. He was such a fun character with his snarky wise cracks that made me giggle. It did take me a while to adjust to the first person voice Stephanie Tyler used with this book. I noticed the style and voice is reminiscent to the alias she shares with Larissa Ione as Sydney Croft.

VIPERS RUN delivers a dirty, grittier side to romance. In this first book in the SKULLS CREEK SERIES, Stephanie Tyler delves into a side of motorcycles clubs that people don’t often romanticize on. It is a great insight into the MC world and the people involved in it.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Raonaid

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