Destiny Unleashed

Author: Sherryl Woods

Publisher: Mira

Release Date: June 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Carlton used to be a free-spirited artist living with her lover William Harcourt in the south of France . No worries and no responsibilities could hold her down. Then, in the blink of an eye, tragedy strikes when her brother and his wife are killed in an airplane accident, leaving behind three young boys. Suddenly her care-free lifestyle is gone and Destiny has to change her own destiny, moving back to the States in order to raise her three nephews. In the crumbling dust of her dreams is the love she shared with William, who she doesn't see again until twenty years later.

William was devastated when Destiny left him without so much as a glance back. He expected her to call, to plead with him to move to the United States and help raise her nephews, something he would have gladly done. Instead, he had to suffer twenty years alone, twenty years in which he made plans to win Destiny back once and for all. With Richard, Mack, and Ben grown, Destiny decides she wants to be part of Carlton Industries. She wants to take a new gamble in life, and when Richard reluctantly agrees to let Destiny run the European division of Carlton Industries, she knows that some big changes are going to be heading her way. Once back in London , she comes into contact with William and the sizzling attraction that hasn't abated, despite twenty years apart.

William is ecstatic. He finally has the means to win Destiny back and he isn't going to waste a second on business. Unfortunately, Destiny is all business as she tries to snap various enterprises away from Harcourt & Sons. Destiny is playing a new game and it's time that William gets on board. But what will happen when old attractions and old memories resurface? Will William and Destiny be able to build a stronger future for themselves, or are they destined to repeat the same mistakes twice?

DESTINY UNLEASHED was a pleasure to read. I really enjoyed the character of Destiny Carlton because she seemed so sure about what she needed in life, what her new goals were going to be, but yet even she was unable to control the outcome. She had to go with the flow. She knew she had made mistakes in her past relationship with William and she was hard-pressed to start a new relationship, for fear of making the same mistakes. Destiny truly was a woman any woman could relate to. She has many of the same fears, goals, thoughts, and feelings as today's growing career women, who have to struggle with family and work.

I also enjoyed reading about the past, as Sherryl Woods helped to show the differences and similarities between Destiny and William of the present, and the Destiny and William of 1982 Provence , France . There was truly a growth in their characters, but yet so much of their integrity and ethics remained the same. This was truly an outstanding book to read as it shows that nobody can control destiny, no matter how much we may want to. Sherryl Woods has another hit on her hands.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sarah W

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