Love in Reverse, Book 2 - Six Naughty Nights

Author: Serenity Woods

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Release Date: March 26, 2013

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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The very last person Esther expects to run into in Christchurch is her Fiji fling Toby.  She lives and worked in Christchurch and knows Toby lives in Northland so really didn’t think she’d ever see him again – until they locked eyes across a grocery store aisle just before a large earthquake sent everything about them into chaos.  Thanks to Toby, Esther and her young son get out of the building safely, but now he’s aware of the fact that their lives are irrevocably intertwined. 

Toby’s home is in the Northland but because he’s a skilled carpenter he goes wherever his talents are best served.   He’s not even used to the small tremors that are so prevalent in Christchurch so he’s astonished to find himself not only involved in a serious earthquake or in the company of the woman he couldn’t forget – and a little boy who is obviously his son.  Toby’s a generous and talented guy who lacks self-confidence but he’s deadly certain about one thing… he desperately wants Esther and his newfound son, Charlie, to be a part of his future.


Toby proved himself to be a hero during the earthquake – and its aftermath, but once that drama’s all over his focus turns to seeing to Esther and Charlie’s welfare.  The building where Esther has been living is badly damaged so Toby invites them to stay with him – and eventually entices Esther to accompany him to the Northland for his best friend’s wedding.  In the meantime they become better acquainted – and Esther finds a naughty game in his possession.  As it turns out the game Naughty Nights was given to him by Faith, who writes a column about sex and ways to spice up your love life for a woman’s magazine.  She wants him to find someone to try out the game with for research purposes.  Esther’s intrigued but how does one have a sex life with a two year constantly present?  Fortunately in the Northland there are plenty of people ready, willing and able to babysit – and Toby and Esther agree to SIX NAUGHTY NIGHTS courtesy of the role playing cards in the ‘Naughty Nights’ game.  Dare they admit that what’s going on between them is far more than just a game?


After reading SEVEN SEXY SINS I was really hoping for stories for some of the other characters so I was thrilled to see that Toby got his own story.  Serenity Woods puts the fun and games in sex with her LOVE IN REVERSE series.  The emotional impact and human imperfections are present so readers can relate to the characters while still feeling like there’s something incredibly special about them.  I particularly loved this story because Toby seems like he should be sure of himself yet he’s not and Esther unleashes the claws like a mama tiger when she feels his friends’ teasing are part of the reason he’s lacking in confidence.  I adored Charlie, whose typical 2 year old questions and comments are so refreshingly honest and curious they just bring a smile to your face.  SIX NAUGHTY NIGHTS is a sinfully delightful read – and I will definitely be on the lookout for more titles in this series.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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