Devlin’s Dare (Tryst Island Series, Book 5)
By Chrissy Dionne
Mar 2, 2014 - 8:26:08 PM

Stud Muffin owner Tara Romano takes great pride in her melt in your mouth creations so it really chaps her hide that Devlin had the audacity to give her precious business a negative review – all because she doesn’t have gluten-free.  It isn’t fair that the man’s unbelievably attractive as well as a first class jerk.  Tara isn’t one to take that sort of criticism lightly and decides to teach him a lesson in humility in a big way and leaves the man standing in the alleyway with his junk swinging in the wind – pantless. 

Foodie blogger Devlin Fox is well known for his snarky comments and as such he’s subject to his fair share of disgruntled restaurant owners.  Normally he lets it just roll off his back but nobody has ever taken his criticism quite so personally as bakery owner Tara.  He’s absolutely stunned by her seduce ‘em and leave ‘em technique – and her audacity by stealing his jeans is just shocking… however it also has put her clearly in his sights and there’s no way he can allow the slight to go without enacting some revenge of his own.


Tara didn’t even know what Devlin looked like until he’s pointed out to her by her Tryst Island housemates.  Since she has him to thank for her sales tanking and has been dreaming of making him pay for his comments there’s just no way she can let the opportunity slide by.  Unfortunately he didn’t get her names and Tara never revealed why she treated him so abysmally so it’s a whole week before he encounters her again at Darcy’s bar on Tryst Island.  What develops is a not-so friendly game of pool with the prize being a dare of the winner’s choice.  It’ll be the first of many dares that will end with sinfully delightful results, but neither of them will be able to resist the challenge or one-upping the other.


DEVLIN’S DARE is the fifth title in Sabrina York’s TRYST ISLAND series, and I’m thrilled to say this story is just as fun, sexy, thought-provoking and imaginative as its predecessors.  I got a huge chuckle out of Tara and Devlin’s ongoing battle of wills which only seems to make their new relationship more intense.  While I loved the heat between Tara and Devlin, it’s obvious that she has commitment issues which might have continued if it wasn’t for Devlin and her siblings hooking up that gives them a reality check about life, love and happily-ever-after.  Seriously, who can resist a man who willingly does the Macarena – without music – just because he loses a dare? 


I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading this series so far – and yes, I read one title right after the other and was still disappointed when I got to the last title. After contacting Ms. York I’m happy to report that there will be more TRYST ISLAND stories to come so be sure to keep checking her website for more information on upcoming titles, in the meantime grab yourself copies of these titles and immerse yourself in all the TRYST ISLAND hijinks.




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