Dragonfly Kisses (Tryst Island Series, Book 2)
By Chrissy Dionne
Mar 1, 2014 - 4:10:24 PM

Shock jock Dylan Deveney uses his cabin on Tryst Island to drown himself in an alcohol fueled one man pity party.  Since losing a loved one to cancer three years ago he’s finding it difficult to imagine any reason to want to continue living.  The one thing that does bring about a sense of excitement is a young woman who sometimes visits the neighboring house.  In the evenings, whenever she’s there, he often hears the sounds of a cello being played.  Dylan doesn’t believe he’ll ever actually meet the young woman but that doesn’t stop him from being captivated by her.

Acclaimed cellist Cassandra ‘Cassie’ French loves visiting Tryst Island where she hangs out with her college friends, who are fondly referred to as the ‘Dawgs.’  It’s the only place she can escape the hefty obligations she shoulders daily.  She’s well aware that she’s much shier and reserved than her friends and takes their ribbing about her cello in stride.  She dates but she’s never felt any real passion with a man until her friends, Lucy and Bella, include her in their drool fest over a ‘Highlander’ they spot running on the beach. 


Cassie knows nothing about Dylan’s fascination with her when she’s dragged into Lucy and Bella’s scheme to meet the man.  What she doesn’t expect is to be attracted to the man herself so she’s surprised when she notices her totem, the dragonfly, tattooed on his body.  Surely that’s some sort of cosmic sign.  Dylan’s subjected to the women’s tender mercy while they help him get back to his cabin, but fortunately Cassie helps him escape their clutches.  Lucy and Bella have called dibs on Dylan which as it turns out is actually a good thing because while they’re busy sabotaging each other’s attempts at seducing him; it allows Cassie’s interest to go undetected by either of them.  Plus, since it was Bella’s idea to have a vegan weekend, it’s really her own fault that Dylan’s bacon supply is a tempting lure for Cassie.


Sabrina York really surprised me with the level of intensity of DRAGONFLY KISSES.  This story is passionate, heart wrenching, downright humorous, and highly memorable.  Dylan’s background really broke my heart and I fully admit I cried for his loss, however, I was also able to smile through the tears as Cassie’s love helps him see that life goes on and DRAGONFLY KISSES from heaven are just as powerful as kisses on earth.  As for Cassie, I absolutely adored her, she might be small and shy but she possesses a strength that really speaks to the reader.  She’s one of those characters who followed the rules laid out by those around her, but sometimes rules are meant to be broken.  On a less serious note, as a bacon fan I found great humor in Dylan’s bacon bribery techniques and loved how easily Lucy succumbed.  Bella’s a bit harder sell, but bacon is a heady aphrodisiac so of course, she eventually caves as well.


DRAGONFLY KISSES is the second story in Sabrina York’s TRYST ISLAND series.  While DRAGONFLY KISSES can easily be read as a stand-alone, I’d recommend checking out the other titles as well.  The whole Dawgs gang is a lot of fun and I think you’d enjoy getting to know them all.






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