S&M 101
By CinLee
Jun 16, 2010 - 4:56:37 PM

Julia Landon has made the acquaintance of Trevor Kendall at several trade shows over the past two years. This one is different. She discovers he will be staying on for an additional week for a vacation, and she is bored and at loose ends.

Everything Julia has heard about Trevor’s sexual proclivities is true. He doesn’t know how he has missed picking up on Julia’s submissive tendencies as often as they met, so he is more than surprised when one night at a London pub, she declares herself bored and asks him to spank her.


He agrees to that and a lot more. Trevor demands Julia’s total submission to him and tests her by ordering her into the ladies’ room to remove her undergarments and toss them, among other things. Finally satisfied, he orders her to his hotel room to wait for him in a very specific way. Will Trevor’s lessons in dominance and submission be more than Julia can handle, or will she find the life she has always dreamed of?


Trevor is a very masterful Dom, but he displays a great patience in teaching Julia how to be a submissive. The heat between the two radiates from the page and will leave the reader breathless. Reader advisory: S&M 101 has content that some readers may find objectionable.



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