By Chrissy Dionne
Apr 4, 2009 - 7:59:27 PM

Bobby Blackhawk and Cale Yancey have shared the dream of owning a small ranch since they met in Ag class in high school.  After a stint in the military they finally had the funds to make their dream a reality.  Their place is located in the Colorado mountains.  During snowstorms the route to town from their home is impossible.  Fortunately in lieu of a female during these times Bobby and Cale are more than compatible and have no qualms about helping each other out if and when the need arises.

After catching her fiancé cheating on her again, Katherine Duvall makes the decision to escape the intolerable situation.  She leaves behind her engagement ring, grabs the rental car keys and drives off completely ignoring the bell staff’s warning about driving without snow chains in the stormy weather – and that almost proved to be detrimental.


Fortunately for Kate, Bobby and Cale are on their way home from town when they notice her vehicle and become concerned because it’s obvious she isn’t used to driving in snowy weather.   The men follow the other car for ten miles and just when they think she might make it and not slide off into the river it happens – her car fishtails and slides off the road into the freezing water.


When it becomes obvious that Kate isn’t thinking straight enough to save herself, Bobby goes into the water to rescue her.  It falls to Cale to get Bobby and the woman back to the truck and then to their home where he strips them all down and climbs into bed between them to use his own body heat to warm them up.  He just never anticipated they’d end up sharing so much more – though he certainly isn’t complaining!


Delilah Devlin’s storylines never fail to pull readers into the story and SADDLED is no exception.  Bobby and Cale have very different personalities and expectations so it’s extremely interesting how they respond both individually and together toward Kate.  Kate displays a vulnerability and honesty that really drew me to her.  Of course the sex scenes are scorching and adventurous with the perfect blend of emotional turmoil to ensure readers keep Ms. Devlin’s name at the top of their ‘must read’ list.

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