Author: Annie Jones

Publisher: Steeple Hill Cafe'

Release Date: December 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3.5

Format: PRINT

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Sadie Pickett has been waiting, sometimes not so patiently, for something her entire life. She's not sure what it is, she just knows there's more for her than what she's experienced so far. With a pharmacist husband who has more time for golf than for her, and two teenagers who don't need her anymore, Sadie feels somewhat at loose ends in her life. Having suffered a miscarriage and with no chance for another baby in her future, she wonders what her purpose in life really is.

As president of the Council of Christian Women and with an elderly father to keep after in addition to her motherly and wifely duties, Sadie is adamant not to add anything else to the long list of roles she plays in life. When the mayor shows up on her doorstep offering and almost demanding she take a job running the local cemetery and park, Sadie has absolutely no intention of saying yes. But when it seems as if the whole town is determined to not rest until she agrees to accept the position, Sadie reluctantly agrees to become " 'Fraidy Sadie the Cemetery Lady". Will this position bring life back into Sadie's seemingly hectic but melancholic life, or will it just add to the heavy burden she already carries?

SADIE-IN-WAITING is full of funny one-liners and sayings that will have you laughing in the beginning of this book. It then turns somewhat more serious as Sadie struggles with what to do about her cantankerous father and her search for information about her mysterious past. Annie Jones is an award-winning author with several books written and many more to come. Overworked mothers of teenagers and daughters of aging parents will see themselves in Sadie. More mom-lit than traditional romance, SADIE-IN-WAITING is an enjoyable read for a cold winter evening.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sherri Myers

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