Safe Haven (Hideaway Series, Book 2)
By Sherri Myers
Aug 8, 2004 - 9:45:00 PM

Karah Lee Fletcher has just moved to Hideaway, Missouri. As the new doctor hired to help out in the clinic, Karah finds out her politician father pulled strings to get her a college scholarship. She begins to doubt her abilities as a doctor and struggles with the doubt the discovery brings on.

Ranger Taylor Jackson has avoided interacting with the people of Hideaway in any situation outside of his job as chief paramedic and sheriff. When he meets Karah, he can't resist her strong-willed brand of charm and is soon admiring her for her kindness to her patients.

Sixteen-year-old Fawn Morrison, disguised as a young boy, is on the run from the authorities in Branson, who suspect she is her boyfriend's murderer. When her bus stops in Hideaway for an emergency, the doctor finds out Fawn's secret but agrees to keep it quiet. With killers on her trail, will Fawn survive long enough to clear her name? How will she know who to trust?

SAFE HAVEN is a fast-paced novel with characters you care about almost from page one. It is the second in the HIDEAWAY series by husband-and-wife writing team Hannah Alexander, but easily stands alone. I could barely turn the pages fast enough, this book was so engrossing. The way they weave the characters' lives together is so enjoyable, and oh, so unpredictable. While classified as a romance, SAFE HAVEN also has a fantastic mystery woven into the pages that will ensnare you till you turn the final page. Look for the third book in the HIDEAWAY series coming in June, 2005, entitled LAST RESORT. I can say I certainly will be.

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