Sage Creek: Lonesome Way series, Book 1
By Pamela Denise
Jan 9, 2013 - 8:00:00 AM

Sophie McPhee has always had fond memories of the place she grew up in, but her dreams led her away from the ranch lands of Lonesome Way, Montana. She made a life for herself in San Francisco. She had a successful catering company and what she thought was a solid marriage.  When she finds out that her husband has a mistress and is pregnant with his child, Sophie is devastated. She decides to sell her company and move back to her hometown. Once she gets to Lonesome Way, her plans are to spend some time with her mother, catch up with her childhood friends, Mia and Lissie, and focus on running her new shop, Bun in the Oven Bakery and Cafe. What she doesn’t plan on is Lissie’s older brother, Rafe-who also happened to be her unobtainable crush-living in town as a single father.

Rafe Tanner has settled down a lot from his wild and rebellious teenage ways. After the devastation of his wife leaving him, he’s focused on running the family ranch and raising his eleven year old daughter, Ivy.  Aside from an occasional good time now and then, Rafe wants no part in a relationship with a woman. When he and his daughter decide to visit his little sister Lissie one day, he’s surprised to see Sophie McPhee. He hasn’t seen her since she was fifteen and running from him after she surprised them both by suddenly kissing him. It seems cute Sophie has grown into a stunning woman that he can’t keep his mind off of.  It also appears that his daughter Ivy is a fan. As Rafe spends more time interacting with Sophie, he finds himself doing the one thing he’d sworn not to do again, falling in love. Now, he’ll have to not only overcome his own past hurts, but help Sophie overcome hers. Sophie will have to decide if risking her heart is worth the chance at love and a life she’s dreamed of.

Those who enjoy romances with cowboys and small towns, like those penned by Linda Lael Miller and Robyn Carr, will fall in love with Jill Gregory’s new series. SAGE CREEK, the first book in the LONESOME WAY series, introduces us to the small community of Lonesome Way, Montana and some of its residents. Ms. Gregory’s brilliant depictions of her fictional town left me with visions of a Montana home of my own.  Her characters were well written and full of emotion. I became interested in them as soon as they were introduced and felt a vested need in seeing how the story unfolded. I’ll also say that Jill Gregory certainly knows how to bring dark, rugged cowboys with golden hearts to life. I look forward to visiting Lonesome Way, Montana again soon.

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