Saint Jillian's Rebel
By Chrissy Dionne
Jun 1, 2006 - 7:39:00 PM

Most people attend high school reunions to catch up with old friends, classmates, and faculty. But some people have far more personal reasons for putting themselves through the agony of idle chit chat with people they didn't even like twenty years ago.

During high school Jillian Lawson was dubbed Saint Jillian by Pier Point's resident bad boy, Hunter Scott. What Hunter didn't know was that even though Jillian had the image of being a 'good girl' she had dreams of being very bad - but only with him. Jillian had been very hurt when she learned that Hunter had gone off with another girl when he was supposed to be meeting her.

Rebel Hunter Scott loved teasing Jillian in high school. She was the only girl who treated him like a friend despite his erotic teasing. He'd developed a huge crush on her. Once he'd finally gotten up the nerve to ask her out, she stood him up. Hunter is still hurt and angry over the rejection. He's only attending the reunion because he knows Jillian will be there.

Jillian didn't really want to attend the twenty year class reunion but between her daughter's nagging her to get out more and her sense of guilt for neglecting her friend Deirdre she ends up agreeing to return to South Carolina to attend the class reunion. Her daughter Meghan's recent graduation from high school evokes a sense of freedom for Jillian. She's been a responsible parent, but it's time to indulge herself in a vacation of sun, fun, and sex. From the way Hunter is looking at her, she just might get to indulge in the sexual fantasies of her youth with the town rebel - much to the annoyance of Jillian's 'good friend' Deirdre.

Eve Jameson's SAINT JILLIAN'S REBEL kicks off the new Ellora's Cave's FUN IN THE SUN series with a bang. This quickie captured my interest right from the beginning. As the requisite "good girl" all through school, I was easily able to relate to Jillian and I most definitely remember the bad boy who occupied my fantasies. What thrills me about this story is the main characters are older, wiser, and know what they want. There's no way they're going to let a jealous classmate stand in the way.

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