San Diego
By sherreechmitlin
Aug 15, 2006 - 5:38:00 PM

Valene had warned Jeff, her nephew, that he could only ride on the sidewalk with his bike.  Showing his Aunt Valene that he could ride his bike fast along side Hero, Valene's black Labrador.  Jeff didn't stop at the end of the sidewalk, but whizzed into the parking lot and in front of a truck.  Afraid that Jeff has been hit, Valene's heart pounded with a number of scenarios.  Valene notices that the man from the truck is leaning over Hero and that Jeff is okay.

Jordan Young was glad that he was driving slow when, out of the corner of his eye, he saw the boy and his dog coming straight in front of his truck.  Jumping out of the truck, afraid that the boy has been hit, Jordan rushes to the front of the truck to find that the dog has been hit, not the boy.  Picking the dog up and placing him inside the truck, Jordan motions for the woman and the boy to get in the truck.  Trying not to panic, he asks Valene for the nearest animal hospital.

Dr. Bainbridge has assured Valene and Jordan that Hero will make it through the surgery, but he will never be able to run again.  The care for Hero will be time consuming until he heals, that is if Valene is up to the task.  Jordan assures Valene that he will take full responsibility for any bills and is ready to help take care of Hero.

The day they bring Hero home, Jordan and Valene have arranged a schedule that will work for them both.  During the time spent taking care of Hero, Valene begins to care for Jordan.  Is it possible that Jordan is beginning to care for Valene and is not being nice just because he feels responsible for the accident?  When unpleasant things happen in the life of God's children, He is able to turn them around to our good.

In the novella, SAN DIEGO: LOVE IS KIND, author Joyce Livingston has written a story about one of man's best friends, our pets.  I enjoyed reading about the compassion the characters showed for Hero.  They may only be our pets, but God is concerned about the small things.  He is touched when we hurt and it is His pleasure to hear our pleas and to answer.  I would recommend this author to my friends.  I am so thankful that my God can take the small hurts of life and turn them into joy.  I am please to give this author a 3 blue ribbon rating.

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