By Sherri Myers
Sep 26, 2003 - 9:10:00 AM

Hope Tanner was born and raised in a polygamous community in Superior, Utah. Unwed and pregnant, she escaped a forced marriage to her uncle and left her young lover behind. Bonner had refused to run away with her so she was left with the choice to run away or to be married to her much older uncle. She chose to run and ended up at The Birth Place. Lydia had taken her in and had placed her baby for adoption. Moving on with her life, Hope had never forgotten the little girl she had given up and hoped some day to see her again.

Parker Reynolds worked at The Birth Place when Hope came there looking for refuge. His wife longed for a child but was sick and couldn't carry one of her own. Hope's unfortunate circumstances were just what he needed and had talked Lydia, the center's administrator, into giving him the baby in exchange for a large donation to the center from his wealthy father-in-law. When the baby boy was born, secrets and lies were concocted to keep Hope from knowing it wasn't a girl. She only was going to give up the baby if it was a girl and planned to keep the child if it was a boy, so lies were told to keep the adoption on as planned.

Ten years later, Hope returns to her hometown to try to see her mother and sisters, but she is not welcome there. Her pregnant younger sister Faith runs away with her back to Hope's home and they find themselves in the middle of a fight for their very lives. They end up seeking sanctuary at The Birth Place where Hope had gone ten years earlier. Will Hope and Faith be able to break the ties with the polygamists they were raised amongst? Will Hope ever find out the truth about her baby's adoption? Now that Parker's sick wife is dead, can he and Hope find love with each other?

SANCTUARY is a very fast-paced romance that will keep you on the edge of your seat and turning pages to get to the final conclusion of Hope's story. This book was well-researched and the characters are realistic. I became caught up in Hope's and Faith's struggles to escape from the polygamist way of life and wished for all the best for them both. I recommend it to anyone seeking an emotional story of second chances and hope for a brighter tomorrow.

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