Sand Angel
By Chrissy Dionne
Jan 1, 2013 - 12:39:32 PM

Drew Thompson has spent three years overseas photographing the war on terrorism in Iraq. His biggest regret about accepting the assignment is that he had to leave Zoë behind. Hindsight is 20/20 and he now realizes that he may have sacrificed the love of a good woman when he chose to pursue his career.

Zoë Davis makes no apologies for the life she’s chosen. She’s using her talent and devil may care attitude to her advantage while making a decent living performing freestyle demonstrations all over the U.S. The fact is that after Drew left she needed an outlet for her angst and loneliness, risking her life behind the wheel of whatever recreational vehicle she’s riding helps to forget - for just a little while.

Zoë’s brother Josh doesn’t prepare Drew for the shock of seeing Zoë in all her daredevil glory. How was he to know that she is the idiotic lunatic on the motorcycle performing death defying stunts on the sand dunes. It isn’t until she removes her helmet that Drew realizes that she isn’t the sweet trusting girl he left behind.

Zoë is furious that Josh dared to bring Drew along for what was supposed to be their long carefree weekend. Since she travels so much it’s rare that she spend much time with her family and she’d been looking forward to cutting loose with her brother but now she has to contend with the emotional upheaval caused by seeing Drew again.

As if the changes in Zoë isn’t enough of a shocker, Joe’s revelation that her boss believes that she has a ‘death wish’ and she’s been told to seek counseling. Drew’s determined to do whatever he has to in order to save Zoë from herself but can he overcome her hurt and resentment over what she perceived as abandonment?

SAND ANGEL is the perfect beach read. I live on the Oregon coast where riding the dunes is a sport and many people drive out from the city to party, visit and ride. I loved Zoë’s stubborn personality and zest for riding. Drew’s devotion to her is obvious throughout the story. These two have a chemistry that sizzles so that you want to find out everything you can about them. I have to admit I’m really hoping for a story for Zoë’s brother Josh. He’s got a wild side that doesn’t seem to be fully explored yet. Mackenzie McKade does a wonderful job presenting the intensity and dangers as well as excitement of this popular sport.

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