Sand Castle Bay (Ocean Breeze)
By Michele Rioli
Mar 29, 2013 - 5:29:12 PM

Life is a whirlwind in Sand Castle Bay after a fierce hurricane blows into town. Buildings are damaged but the people remain steadfast in their town. Among them is Cora Jean, owner of a beautiful restaurant by the bay. Her three granddaughters, the Castle sisters, Emily, Gabi and Samantha, are coming home to help. The winds of life are brewing and with it, change comes along.

Emily Castle, a very pretty lady who is an interior designer, left home ten years ago to start her career and in turn broke her boyfriend, Boone Dorsett’s, heart. She didn’t mean to, actually she thought he was going to wait for her but he didn’t. Off he went and married a girl named Jenny. How dare he, Emily thought! Well, she reasoned, he must not have really loved her. She really thought he was going to wait around for her to find herself. What was she thinking?


Boone Dorsett is a handsome man and is successful to boot! He owns restaurants in and around Sand Castle Bay. News travels fast and rumors are that the Castle sisters are coming back to town. Oh boy, that means that Emily will be coming back home. Will he be able to face her again, after what she did to him many years ago? Sadly, Boone is a widow now and is still recovering from the loss of his beloved Jenny. Even though he loved his wife and they had a son together named BJ, he wonders if a piece of his heart still loves Emily. His in-laws are making it tough on him too, suggesting that BJ would be better off with them. How does Boone deal with it all? His restaurants are damaged, his in-laws are insensitive to him and now Emily, once the love of his life, is coming back into town. Why is life always so hard?


SAND CASTLE BAY, book number one in the OCEAN BREEZE series, is a dazzling debut novel that sparkles with heart and soul! A beautiful setting and magnificent, rich family values are all infused delicately with a moral-of-the-story plot. A tense situation develops between Emily and Boone, due to their climatic break-up, which translates into a “Do as I say but don’t do as I do”, situation. How will these two ever kiss and make-up? If Cora Jean, the grandmother has anything to say about it, they will be back together in no time! You want to bet? Sherryl Woods does a fine job of teaching us all a thing or two about the love battleground using Emily and Boone as excellent sparring partners. Emily is one obstinate woman and very independent. Boone had his pride hurt and is very mistrustful of anyone getting close to him or BJ anytime soon. Therefore, I was cheering both of them on and deeply felt the emotions they both went through in their lives. Ms. Woods expertly honed in on human instincts and how a person’s feelings can get hurt which makes it hard for one to trust in another again. Ms. Woods is a very insightful and talented writer! Take the journey as I did with the Castle family and friends. Does Boone and Emily let down their guard and let love enter their hearts again? Will the in-laws win custody of BJ? What happens to Cora Jean? BJ, a curious little boy, is a wonderful addition in Cora Jean’s and Emily’s life and together they forge an innate bond. Will the restaurant reopen? What problems do the other Castle sisters run into? Rush to your nearest bookstore and pick up a copy of SAND CASTLE BAY to find out! This story is rich, warm and fuzzy in all the right places!

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