Santa Baby
By BJ Deese
Dec 1, 2004 - 9:43:00 PM

Sociologist Whitney Foster has been given a new assignment in Alaska.  She's on her way to the top in this field of work, and she's dedicated a lot of her time to accomplishing her dreams and goals.  Whitney has to take a small plane, piloted by the handsome Colby Davis.  She is terrified of flying in such a small plane, and the charming Colby tries to calm her.

Suddenly, pellets of ice and wind storm down on the plane.  Colby does his best to keep the plane in the air, but it is a futile effort against the raging storm, which seemed to pop out of nowhere.  By a miracle, they landed in a bank of snow, and both Colby and Whitney survived.  Only, now they have to worry about surviving the freezing temperatures until a rescue team arrives.  But, they have a solution, and it's definitely raising their body temperatures to extreme heat!

After being rescued, Whitney feels like she did a crazy thing, and she wouldn't have done it under normal circumstances.  Trying to protect her heart, she heads back home, leaving behind the one man who's ever inspired so much passion in her.


For seven months now, Colby has remembered Whitney and their time together.  Now, when she shows up in Alaska, he gets the shock of his life.  Whitney is pregnant with their son!  Immediately Colby starts making plans of marriage and a future with the beautiful sociologist.  But, Whitney's plans never included marriage.  She just wanted to tell Colby that he is about to be a father, and let him know that he can have visitation rights. 


Colby and Whitney constantly butt heads on what to do about the baby.  Colby wants his son to grow up in a loving home with both parents, because his own childhood was empty of a decent father.  But, Whitney is dead set against getting married, because she knows marriages never last.  Her mom, now on her seventh marriage, is a prime example.  Will Whitney realize that her life doesn't have to be like her mother's, and she and Colby can have a life of love and happiness with each other?

I love Colby!  He's charming, witty and irresistible.  I haven't met a hero like him in a long time.  It was so wonderful to see a hero who shows emotion and love for the woman he's set his sights on.


With a wonderful setting and completely captivating characters, SANTA BABY is a delightful romance, and it will stay nestled on my keeper shelf to be enjoyed for many years to come!  Author Laura Marie Altom knows what romance is supposed to be about, and she enthusiastically portrays it in this fun and enchanting Christmas story!  You can easily picture yourself in the beautifully described and well-researched Alaskan setting.  Ms. Altom grabs the reader's attention right from the start and makes them feel like they are part of the story.  This is a romance to get excited about, and I highly recommend adding SANTA BABY to your holiday reading list this year!

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