Santa Knows I'm Naughty
By tasha
Dec 9, 2007 - 11:45:51 AM

In Tessa Rae’s Santa Knows I’m Naughty the answer to that question depends on who you ask.   Aimee is a happily married woman to the man of her dreams.   She is a very sexually demanding wife who likes to get her way, especially if her husband Nick makes her beg.   Lately Nick has been pre-occupied with work, holding out on Aimee in the sex department.   To make it up to her, Nick leaves her a “special” present when he leaves on a weeklong business trip.   The gift is a special toy that is sure to please any naughty girl.   Aimee is content with her life, her marriage, and her toy until her recently divorced sister begins to place seeds of doubt in her mind.   Did Nick give her the toy to cover a secret liaison with another woman?  

Nick is a very satisfied man, financially and sexually.   His boss has given him the task of designing a new sex toy that will revolutionize the industry.   His wife is beautiful, loving, and sexually hot!   He has it all.   He decides to leave his wife a special present for Christmas-the prototype of his newly designed toy, while he goes out of town for business, at least that’s what he tells Aimee.   Nick has a surprise waiting for Aimee but her sister plants seeds of doubt.   Will Aimee lose all her holiday cheer or will Nick prove he is the only “Santa” to his special naughty girl?

This is a very stimulating read on a long cold night.   This is guaranteed to get you hot.   The special phone calls Aimee and Nick share are so hot, but seem as frigid as the Arctic Circle compared to the love scenes they share.   Tessa Rae’s writing takes the reader on a tantalizing journey that leaves them breathless, craving a cigarette, and a well deserved nap.   I thoroughly enjoyed this story.

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