Santa's Helper
By Bea Sigman
Jan 1, 2005 - 12:03:00 AM

Now was not the time for everything to be falling apart. Holly Jeffries is the assistant manager for the Mountain Laurel Lodge and the owners, Marilyn and John Weston, have entrusted their beloved resort in her capable hands for the next six weeks. So having staff disputes and no Santa for the Christmas party right after they leave does not make it look like Holly is capable of handling things at all. But Holly is determined to prove that she can manage the resort with no problem, she just has to find the right solutions for each problem. That is until Mike Weston, Marilyn and John’s son, walks through the front doors of the hotel and desire spreads through out her body.

At first glance, Mike Weston knew that Holly was everything his parents told him she was. She is beautiful, smart and in need of someone to truly love her. The fact that she needs his help works perfectly in his favor. He doesn’t mind dressing up as Santa, but Holly has to dress up as his little helper in return. And when all the presents are given out, he plans on unwrapping Holly from that very costume and making her his.

This eXtasy nugget is sure to be a delight for any reader. With sexy, fun characters and an interesting plot, SANTA’S HELPER is a cute holiday story to quench your romantic thirst. It wouldn’t be the holidays without a special holiday story and Fawn Lowery delivers.

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