Santa’s Helper
By Chrissy Dionne
Jan 1, 2006 - 11:53:00 AM

Marissa, A.K.A. Belle, works at the mall Santa Wonderland as an elf. Dressing in the ridiculous costume is horrifying to her sense of fashion. Of course, it’s worth it to be near Jingle, the other elf. If only she could entice him to indulge in a few of her Christmas fantasies.

Dean, A.K.A. Jingle, hates dressing in the elf costume. After all, what frat boy wants to get caught wearing pointy shoes and velvet clothing? Meeting Marissa has been the best thing to come out of this experience. Now if he could just get up the nerve to ask her out.

It’s Christmas Eve, the last day Dean and Marissa will have to dress up in their dorky elf costumes. They’re both thrilled over the prospect of no longer playing elf but Marissa is saddened at the thought that she’ll no longer be seeing Dean every day. She’s had all those highly erotic fantasies involving Santa’s Toy Shop and Dean. It seems such a waste. Of course, then Dean tells Marissa that he’d been trying to figure out where to take her before asking her out. With some help from a few props from Santa’s workshop, Marissa does her best to entice Dean to play naughty with her.

SANTA’S HELPERS will ensure you never see a mall Santa’ s Wonderland in the same boring light, you’ll be just as intrigued as the kids. Not because of Santa, but because of the delightfully naughty, lump of coal earning action the elves have going on behind the scenes. I found it highly amusing to read about the inside workings of the workshop, everything from escaping reindeer to the drunk Santa. This is the perfect book to read after having suffered the ordeal of taking the kids to the mall for the annual Santa photo. Now we know why those elves are so jolly!

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