Sapphire Summer
By Grace
Mar 22, 2004 - 12:47:00 AM

On the recommendation of her roommate, Alexandra Jordan comes to southern Australia's dazzling Sapphire Coast for a summer job as an assistant to an author who has recently contracted glaucoma, a disease slowly stealing David Meredith's sight.  David's fierce desire for independence and anger over the loss of his sight causes him to act hostile toward Alex and threaten to send her back home.

There is no phone in his remote beach cabin, and no car. No public transport.  He realizes that Alex can't go home until his brother, her roommate, comes back in a couple of weeks for a visit.  Since he faces an imminent deadline and Alex is stuck at the cabin, they agree to a temporary truce and decide to work together until Justin's return.

Alex is relieved.  This is just the break she needs.  She's sure that she can inspire David's confidence if given the chance to show him how much she can help him with his book.  And she really needs the job.  She's alone and pregnant, with no hope of assistance from the child's father.  Right.  He's more like a sperm donor than a father. 

Grudgingly, David allows her to stay, even after Justin's brief visit from Canberra.  He's still openly hostile toward Alex's overtures to work on his book.  His losses are still too new for him to behave maturely and get to work.

As the days and weeks pass, it becomes apparent to Alex that this may become more than a summer job.  She and David become close, and she considers telling him about her pregnancy.  When she does tell him, it seems to make him more attracted to her rather than upsetting him.

They finish the book on deadline, and the end of summer break approaches.


Can these two wounded souls find happiness together?  David has so much left to learn about his disability and the process of accepting his encroaching blindness, and Alex must return to university to finish her degree and face being a single mother.  Will their relationship die during an extended separation?  Can David ever trust love again?  Or will their summer together simply become a pleasant memory?


SAPPHIRE SUMMER was so fun to read, because the seasons were reversed from what I'm used to.  The summer break from university took place over Christmas ending around Valentines Day.  I enjoyed the way that David and Alex grew separately, facing their individual adversities and becoming stronger independently, so that they could more fully give their love to each other.  You'll enjoy their convoluted path to finding a happy ending.

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