Sarah's Cowboy
By Chrissy Dionne
Jul 1, 2006 - 2:28:00 AM

Sara McGregor has been on the road for seven long months, visiting various dude and cattle ranches for a travelogue she's writing. She’d been so excited when her agent called with the proposition, now she just wants to finish up and go home. Sara still lives with her overprotective parents in Berkeley, California. Just one more interview and a couple of days to take pictures and she'll be on her way back to the easy pace and decent vegan restaurants of Berkeley.

Cal Pearson is a cowhand employed on the Broke Ridge Ranch in Wyoming. He’s sexy, domineering, and turns Sara on more than she’s willing to admit. He loves infuriating her by insisting on calling her "darlin’" and "honey" instead of using her given name, just to see the fire in her eyes when she’s angry.

After arriving at the Broke Ridge Ranch and being greeted by the rudest cowboy, Sara is told that the Callahan’s won’t be available to do the interview for a few days. Since the best way to see the ranch is to go on a trail ride, they booked her for one so she can get the pictures she’ll need. Having met Sara when she first arrived at the ranch, Cal isn’t happy that she’s going on this trail ride along with another family. She informed him that she wasn’t there to “cowboy up” so why should he have to put up with her snotty attitude? The evening before they’re due to leave on the trail ride, Cal agitates Sara at supper to such an extent that she leaves the table in a huff. Cal apologizes, but after exchanging several more insults, Sara hits Cal in the face. Since Cal was raised never to hit a lady, he fights back in the only way he can, by kissing her and displaying his dominant side, and she sure isn’t pushing him away. With sparks flying between them, this should be an interesting trail ride. Cal and Sara come from totally different backgrounds. One’s a carnivorous cowboy, the other the daughter of professors and a second generation vegetarian. What starts off as nothing more than a fling with a cowboy soon turns heated, and involves more than just their bodies.

SARA'S COWBOY is a book that draws you in and keeps you until the very end. Sara, while normally very much in control of her life, feels out of control when she’s with Cal and that infuriates her. She’s extremely easy to relate to. The differences between Cal and Sara make you feel like there’s no way these two could be any more than a fling, and then fate steps in, and the differences and distance between them don’t seem to matter anymore.

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