Satin Lies
By Sarah W
Jul 1, 2008 - 4:54:13 PM


Faye has loved one man and one man only her entire life. Enrico Lavini. Circumstances tore them apart, but when Faye is injured and her memory taken from her, it is Enrico who takes care of her life, and of Faye’s young daughter, to ensure that she can heal. Faye does not understand what is going on. All she knows is that the husband she cannot remember has just died and she is left alone, with only Enrico for help.

Enrico has never gotten over losing Faye to his brother, Matteo, but he has always respected their marriage. With the sudden death of Matteo, Enrico knows it is his responsibility to help Faye and her little girl. Enrico is weighed heavily down by the responsibilities to his family and to the banking world he is so much a part of, but with Faye back in his life, he wants to make changes. But what Enrico does not realize is that Faye has many secrets that, if exposed, could hurt him. She loves Enrico, always has, but she knows she has to keep her guard up, or risking losing more than just her heart to Enrico once again.


Emotions become real and tangible in the heart wrenching SATIN LIES. The obvious love between Enrico and Faye is so strong, so sentient that it is hard to see them tear themselves apart because of secrets and lies. Readers are going to root for their love story to have a happily-ever-after every step of the way. Faye has had to rely on herself for several years so it is difficult for her to put her trust in a man again, to let him share some of the burdens. Enrico and Faye have several battles of wills throughout the book, but it only adds to the drama and romantic tension between them. Tricia Jones does a great job of balancing the romance with Faye’s struggles to find herself again, and to tell Enrico the truth. SATIN LIES is passionate, powerful, and a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.

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