By Angel
Feb 6, 2006 - 2:35:00 PM

Eden Chapman is good at her job as a psychologist.  She is about to testify on a case and is sure of her judgment.  She does have one problem in the form of Detective Nick Ricco.  He thinks the man is guilty and her testimony will set him free.  After an intense kiss she knows she is better off staying away from him.  Then she finds out that the man she thought is innocent is really guilty.  Now it’s up to her and Nick to see that justice is served.

Nick Ricco is a detective for the New Orleans PD and he knows when someone is lying.  He can’t help but try and convince Eden that the man she is testifying for meant to kill his wife.  When they get trapped on the roof, things quickly heat up and he knows she is one woman he just can’t resist.  Then things go from bad to worse when she is attacked by the suspect and realizes he is guilty.  Can they find a way to put the man behind bars before it’s too late?


SATISFACTION is a wonderful read and a great suspense story that will keep you on the edge of your seat.  Nick is sexy and determined to get his man, and in the process just may get a woman.  Eden is a courageous character that admits her mistakes and even in the face of danger tries to make them right.  Together this team is dynamite both in and out of the bedroom, even though the love scenes are burning with intensity.  The plot thickens as the story progresses and the characters seem to come to life.  Candie Keane has penned a story that is sure to be a keeper and readers will eagerly await her next tale.

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