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Author: Lucy Monroe

Publisher: Kensington Brava

Release Date: May 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Beth Whitney wishes she could wake up from the peculiar dream she's having about work.  She's the Central Administration Agent for a secret government agency called The Goddard Project.  Her father heads the agency, and he's just hired a new agent: Alan Hyatt, the man who left Beth at the altar three years earlier.  Was a little warning too much to expect?  To make things even more uncomfortable, one of their top agents, Ethan Crane, has just returned from his latest mission.  He just happens to be the star of Beth's most secret fantasies.  Under her father's watchful eye, Beth needs to deal with both men at the same time.  Come to think of it, the situation is more like a nightmare.

Things get even more bizarre for Beth when her father asks her to work as a field agent on an important case.  Sure, Beth trained in the basics as an agent, but she never expected or even wanted to work anywhere but the office.  And naturally Ethan Crane is the agent in charge.  He'll be posing as Beth's jealous, possessive boyfriend.  If she agrees to the assignment, Beth will need to get herself hired as a personal investment counselor to a man the agency is trying to take down.  She has the financial experience and bookish personality to handle the job, but her relationship with Ethan will have to be absolutely convincing at all times.  Intellectually, Beth knows it will all be pretense for the sake of the case, but it won't be easy to keep her emotions out of the picture.


Ethan Crane thrives on danger.  The strikingly gorgeous, capable agent chooses the riskiest assignments at work, and extreme sports are his preferred form of relaxation.  Ethan has never been in a relationship that lasted more than a couple of months and he likes it that way.  Although he doesn't live near his family in Texas anymore, they're still an important part of his life.  Ethan would love to learn more about the serious, quietly attractive Beth, but he plans to be cautious.  She's the boss's daughter, after all.  Ethan is intrigued by the unexpected facets of Beth's personality that emerge once she's away from the office.  He' s also strangely threatened by newly-hired agent Alan Hyatt's mysterious relationship with Beth.


When Beth agrees to the field assignment, Ethan doesn't want to waste any time learning everything he can about her.  The more they know about each other, the better their cover and the greater chance their mission will succeed.  Is Ethan only interested in Beth for the sake of the case?  She guards her heart closely, and never plans to offer it to an agent again.  Will Ethan break through her defenses?


As always, Lucy Monroe gets everything right.  Who can resist page after page of smoldering, seductive heat as Ethan brings Beth's deepest fantasies to life in vivid detail?  Beth may seem shy and quiet on the outside, but her conservative, professional demeanor is merely one facet of her complex personality.  She's introspective, a dreamer, and her failed relationship with Alan has left her wary of truly living.  Beth is so different from her parents, it's sometimes hard to believe she's actually part of the same family.  She wants children and a husband who will put his family first, something she's sure can never happen with a man like Ethan.  He's devoted to his job, and doesn't do relationships.  Ethan is exactly wrong for Beth, and they both know it.  But the sensual, erotic side of Beth drives Ethan wild with desire.  He admires her quick mind, her work ethic, and even her yearning for a family.  I hoped Ethan and Beth wouldn't simply walk away from each other when their mission was complete.  SATISFACTION GUARANTEED definitely lives up to its title!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Alane

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