Satisfaction Guaranteed
By Katie
Feb 11, 2008 - 11:39:00 AM

Elizabeth Sewell has come to Jack Harley wanting to hire him as an escort. Jack is actually a lawyer whose office took over the space where a former escort service resided, but Elizabeth is not aware of this. She needs to hire someone to take her out a few nights a week because her dating experience has been seriously lacking. Jack can’t get over the fact that this beautiful woman needs to pay a man to go out with her. So, instead of taking payment, Jack will find out what her fantasies are and let her test drive his dating skills, so to speak, before she gives him payment.

Elizabeth has no idea what type of man turns her on since she has always been focused on her job. But after talking to Jack and telling him her secret sexual fantasies, it looks like he may deliver in every way she has imagined. Jack woos her by pretending to be the roles she has told him about, like being a bad boy biker or an anonymous workman who comes to her office and tries to seduce her. But during all this playacting, Jack makes sure not to go too far with Elizabeth in terms of sex. He wants to find the right moment to be honest about his true profession and then take her to bed. But when one of Elizabeth’s good friends and co-workers hires Jack to be her lawyer, the trust and feelings Elizabeth have for Jack are destroyed. Jack now has to get back into Elizabeth’s good graces and hopes that she will want to be with the simple, boring lawyer he thinks he is. 

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED is sure to satisfy with this sexually unsure heroine and the man who wants to meet her needs both in and out of the bedroom. I really did enjoy the set up and had to laugh at poor Elizabeth, thinking that Jack is a male escort. But where as Jack should have been honest from the start, he really is a straight up guy in the way he handles Elizabeth. He wants to date her, much like a normal everyday type of guy would, and doesn’t use her body for his enjoyment, even though Elizabeth is more than willing to taste what Jack has to offer.

This is the first book I have read by Isabelle Drake and was really surprised how well she handles the relationship between Elizabeth and Jack. Their dates were very sweet and very fun. Plus, when Jack and Elizabeth finally get under the sheets, their lovemaking is explosive and intimate. For a guaranteed sexy romance, SATISFACTION GUARANTEED is one I would recommend you pick up.


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