Author: Marianne Stillings

Publisher: Avon Romance

Release Date: November 27, 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Private investigator Ethan Darling has been called to the local television station by the station manager. It seems that the local sweetheart and cooking show host Georgie Mundy has been having a bit of set trouble. Someone is sabotaging her ingredients and Ethan has been given the task of finding the culprit. It would help matters if the pretty in pink vision that stumbles into his arms and steps on his feet was anyone other than the woman he is assigned to. He can’t stop thinking about her eyes and how she smells. He has to get her out of his head because if Ethan knows one thing about himself it’s that he doesn’t do relationships and he never falls in love. Evidently his heart isn’t listening to that rule.

Georgie has a secret. Several in fact. And keeping her secrets is important. Sure, someone is messing with her sets, and quite honestly, Georgie doesn’t know why. She has bigger fish to hide from – namely her ex boyfriend and nemesis, Paul Corcoran. Paul can’t find out what Georgie has carefully kept secreted away in another city.   Now if she can just get Ethan Darling to leave her alone and stop following her around. Although, if Georgie were to be honest, Ethan does kiss pretty well and he isn’t a hardship on the eyes. It’s just too bad she doesn’t need him. Or does she?  


Ethan and Georgie agree to disagree on her protection. Mishaps follow them around but there is one thing for certain. Each is falling for the other and if they can just let themselves forget about their differences for a little while, they might find out they are more compatible than they realize.  


Marianne Stillings has me totally and completely hooked on her writing. She has the uncanny ability to take serious issues and suspenseful storylines and fill them with fun and comedy and just plain sassy situations. SATISFACTION is this type of novel. Ethan’s first scene with Georgiana is a comedy of errors just waiting to happen and more than once I laughed out loud at their antics. Both characters are afraid of relationships and vulnerability, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching them fall in love. SATISFACTION was just an all around perfect read for me. It made me laugh, I got teary eyed, and I swooned at Ethan’s manliness. Not a bad gig for a book reviewer!  


SATISFACTION released from Avon Books in November 2007. While it visits characters from her previous release, AROUSING SUSPICIONS, this book can be completely read alone. Don’t miss it!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Natasha Smith

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