Saturday Morning
By sherreechmitlin
Oct 14, 2005 - 12:05:00 AM

Hope Benson,who is a former prostitute, is now married to a wonderful man, Martin.  Together, they keep the J House operating.  This is a shelter for battered women and their children, and a place for girls on the street to turn their lives around.  Hope is normally the one that everyone turns to, but with an unexpected pregnancy, Hope finds herself confined to the bed.  Now for the safety of the baby, Hope has to allow others to do her job.

Julia Collins has just found out that her granddaughter, Cyndy, is not living with her mother, but has left home.  With vacation time, Julia leaves her law office behind to travel to San Francisco in hopes of finding Cyndy.  After checking around town, Julia finds herself at the J House.  It seems that Cyndy might have spent the night here a couple of days past.  Realizing that she could be of some legal help, Julia decides to stay around and help.

Clarice Van Dam finds herself in San Francisco, penniless with only her fur coat and an overnight bag.  Her gigolo husband was supposed to meet her there so they could start a new life together.  Only she finds out that he has taken off, and all the money that her first husband had left her is gone.  After a time of walking the streets, she finds herslf at J House.  Being an organizer, Clarice finds that she is needed.

Andy Taylor has a thriving lavender business that she works along side with her parents.  Her husband, Martin, is a workaholic, who wants her to sell the business and move to San Francisco.  Deciding to appease Martin, Andy flies to San Francisco to house hunt.  Perhaps with the business going so well, they could have two homes.  The house she finds is down the street from J House.

These four women find themselves drawn together through a market that the J House holds every Saturday morning.  Pulling together their individual talents, and need for friendship, these four ladies form a bond.  Each one finds that they have something unique to give to the group.  They find that God has drawn them together for a purpose, despite their different personalitlies and backgrounds.

Lauraine Snelling has done it again.  Another book that is hard to put down until you get to the end.  Lauraine is an awesome inspirational author.  SATURDAY MORNING shows just what can happen when women come together, share their shortrcomings as well as their strengths and add prayer into the mix. Things begin to happen.  This book makes me want to get on the phone to my girlfriends and form a Girl Sqad.  Just to think, how through prayer our lives would change for the better and we would come forth a much richer person inside.

I would recommend any of Lauraine Snellng books, but this one really hits the mark.  This was light reading, but with a deep message interwoven throughout.  I will definitely tell my friends about this one, and I am pleased to give it a 5 ribbon rating.

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