Savage Ménage (Mission Ménage)
By Chrissy Dionne
Sep 1, 2013 - 6:48:53 PM

Professor Starla Black is the Federation’s top expert on Lokan culture despite the fact that she’s never actually been there or met anyone in their civilization.  Everything she knows about them is thanks to her android Chrome, who was made especially for her by Bocc, the Lokan who is to claim her once she reaches their planet.  Starla knows this is nothing more than a business arrangement and she’s willing to do whatever needs to be done to ensure the Lokan culture survives the predicted Balazoids attack, but her arrival doesn’t exactly go according to plan.  Women are a precious commodity amongst the Lokan and she’s to become the prize for whichever Lokan comes out on top in the fighting ring. 

Bocc, a village outcast, has labored long and tirelessly to save the Lokan from the threat of attack.  As a Federation operative he’s privy to information others aren’t and he is aware of the dangers to his people.  He also has knowledge that his ‘sky mate’ will soon be arriving.  Of course, she’s not really any mystical being; she’s a flesh and blood woman being sent with Balazoid blockers to help protect the Lokan warriors.  However, Bocc knows she belongs to him in every sense of the word, and when he discovers she’s the prize in a contest amongst his former tribesman he thinks nothing of battling them all – including his own brother for the right to claim her.


Starla has no illusions that she’s any great beauty.  Most men seem to look right through her so Bocc’s interest fills her with great pleasure – especially since Chrome’s filled her with stories about Bocc’s prowess and his inert goodness.  When Bocc wins the rights to her in the arena she believes she’ll finally mate the man who’s captured her interest, but Bocc’s only intention is to fully mark her with his scent publicly.  She assumes that he isn’t really interested in her as a woman but he’ll soon dissuade her of that notion – and find himself in a battle of wills against the android he created to protect her.  Part of Chrome’s programming was to ‘…allow no other male to touch Professor Starla Black ” - only Bocc was supposed to be the exception, the android however, views all males as threats – including Bocc.


Cynthia Sax fuses humor, fierceness, blatant sexuality and raw vulnerability into her novella SAVAGE MENAGE.  I loved Starla and Bocc, but I have to admit its Chrome who really won my heart.  He might be an android but his willingness to take on the world to protect Starla really brought a smile to my face – especially when he decides that he’s all the Lokan male she needs, completely disregarding the fact that his duty is protect her for Bocc.  Starla and Bocc might be from different planets but both been rejected by their peers and seem to expect the same from each other while nothing can be further from the truth.  The romance between Starla and Bocc, Chrome’s protective attitude and the battle against the Balazoids makes SAVAGE MENAGE a non-stop action story. 


Admittedly I haven’t read the rest of the stories in the MISSION MENAGE series, but I’m thinking I’m going to have to now because I’m infinitely curious about the rest of the story and there’s mention of Steve, a man-eating plant being bad news for the Balazoids in a possible new spin off series on Ms. Sax’s website.  I believe I really need to know about this sinister bad ass Venus Fly Trap with attitude so going to have to read the other stories to uncover all the mysteries of the Lokan culture.

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