Savannah Blues
By Kerensa Wilson
Sep 1, 2007 - 11:59:09 AM

Eloise, aka Weezie, hasn't had the best luck. She learns her “catch of a husband” is cheating on her and then he has the nerve to announce that he intends to marry the woman. Almost worse is losing the beautiful home she has in Savannah to her ex and being forced to live in the carriage house out back.  Thankfully Weezie still has one joy in her life that no one can take from her. As a lover of antiques, she's constantly combing through so called trash to find her latest treasures. But it is her very love of antiques that could get her into the worst trouble yet.

When the too lovely Caroline is discovered murdered, Weezie is picked as the ultimate suspect. After all, who would want Caroline murdered more than Weezie, who had to endure watching Caroline steal her ex husband away. Weezie knows she's innocent but she'll have to pull out all the stops to prove it and the uncle who could use his law skills to help her seems to be in trouble of his own. Added into the mix is an old flame from her past, making Weezie's hands more than full. Trying to date and solve a murder is definitely Weezie's toughest challenge yet.

SAVANNAH BLUES is a witty suspense that takes place in a beautiful setting. The reader feels like a real part of Savannah while following Weezie around town. This is a perfect beach read and it has something to entertain every reader. Whether it's the murder mystery, the tale of a woman starting over again, humor, or love, you are sure to find yourself drawn into Ms. Andrew's Savannah. Weezie is woman we’ve all been at one point or another. Her struggle to find happiness in the midst of a town riddled with secrets is truly captivating. With all the obstacles in her way, Weezie’s struggle to prove her innocence makes any bad day look brighter. Weezie’s old flame certainly adds a whole new complication to the mix. While the romance is on the lighter side, this story is filled with enough intrigue and sass to keep its reader’s attention. If you’ve ever felt like it wasn’t your day SAVANNAH BLUES is the story for you.

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