Corralled - Savannah's Vision
By Briana Burress
Nov 1, 2005 - 9:58:00 PM

Savannah Thompson has finally found her home at the Shooting Star Ranch in Montana.  She is tired of running from the gift of sight that seems to haunt her at every corner of her life.  She loves working her beloved horses and spending time with the four ranch hands.  Her dreams of the lover who will finally accept her unusual gift and spirited lifestyle are constant now.


The tension is building as she and her best friend, Tamara eye the men who are vying for foreman of her ranch when the unexpected baritone voice of Cord Black awakens her soul.  She was flabbergasted that he snuck up on her like he did.  Her gift of sight usually forewarns her of anyone or anything that is to happen to her.  Cord notices a familiarity about Savannah when he first sees her.  The strange pull to have her in his life is overwhelming and he knows he will do what is necessary to make that happen.  Savannah wastes no time in letting Cord know that he is the new foreman.  She finds him to be head strong as he rules with a fierce hand as he whips the cowhands into shape.  Cord finds Savannah to be quite a challenge as he takes notice of her free spirited ways.  She loves her boys and the dangerous games they play on their off times from their chores.  He knows he is going to have his hands full trying to tame his fiery, wild filly.


The heat between them finally ignites into an erotic night of passion as they give into the yearnings of their bodies.  She has finally found a man whose soul is pure and loving but will he want her in his life when he learns of her secrets?


Grab your libidos and hang on for the ride of your life as you experience the erotically charged love between a cowboy and his wild filly in SAVANNAH’S VISION.  Nicole Austin will keep your juices flowing and your heart aching as you read this sexually explicit story.

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