Saving Grace
By Phyllis Ingram
Nov 30, 2003 - 5:42:00 PM

Keith Hart walked into the café with an air of authority, haughtiness and certainty.  Everyone paid attention because he was very easy on the eyes.  Grace Bowers decided to sit at the table that Keith occupied every weekday morning at
nine o’clock.  Of course, this annoys Keith and he goes on to the next table. When Grace tries to introduce herself, Keith wants to know if his mother sent her.  Then he thinks Grace is stalking him because she has seen his picture in the newspaper. Keith is Hart’s Law and graduated from Yale. 

Grace lets him know that she wants him to represent her father, Darryl Bowers, in the expansion of his restaurant in Harlem, Catherines, and Keith is very suspicious because she can get anyone to represent her.  Why him in particular?  Grace has a MBA from NYU but wants to run her father’s restaurant. Her father wants better for her. She does not even let her father know what she is trying to do.


Grace figures because Keith is representing the company that discriminated against her father, she can get information from Keith to destroy that company. This will not be easy as Keith is not an easy person to get to open up.


SAVING GRACE is extremely interesting. It has enough intrigue to keep your heart racing, and enough sex to make you sweat. There is deceit, theft, and love. Grace thought she could handle him, but Keith is definitely his own man. SAVING GRACE is the third in the Hart Family Saga. This reviewer looks forward to reading and reviewing anything else by Angela Winters.

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