A Tante Lulu Adventure - Saving Savannah
By Dottie
Oct 28, 2013 - 10:01:16 AM

For the past three weeks Savannah Jones has been living out of her car with her five-year-old daughter Katie. Six years ago, Savannah was teaching full-time and living in a nice apartment. But then Katrina struck, sweeping away her apartment and most of her belongings. Subsequently, her school closed down. With no permanent jobs available, Savannah resorted to substitute teaching. However, due to government cutbacks, even those assignments dried up. As much as she hated living in her car with her daughter, she feared that staying in a shelter would bring her to the attention of Child Protective Services and she would lose Katie. She had already lost Katie’s dad to Afghanistan. Savannah had heard that there were plenty of jobs in Alaska, so she was saving as much as she could manage. Hoping to earn enough in the next two weeks to get them to Alaska, Savannah works at Crazy Hal’s Strippers and Dippers, waiting tables while Katie is in school. She also had to be careful because she knew if Matthew’s parents got wind of her working in a strip joint, they would sweep in and take Katie away from her, using any excuse they could find to gain custody of her. While having breakfast at the St. Christopher shelter, Savannah noticed a strange woman watching her.

Tante Lulu lived in an area of New Orleans that had not been too badly affected by Katrina. Still she hated what it had done to her city. While out with her nephew Tee-John, a cop, she noticed the St. Christopher shelter and could not keep from going in. At ninety-two years old, five foot nothing and being a traiteur or folk healer, Tante Lulu revels in helping her favorite saint Jude with hopeless causes. Her Cajun charm allows her to get away with her meddling and she is known for her success at matchmaking. So when she sets out to help Savannah and her little girl, she discovers that Katie’s daddy, Special Forces Captain Matthew Carrington, is not dead after all. Is he the one Savannah is running from, or is he just what she needs in her life? Once more Tante Lulu sets out to get the answers to her questions and hopefully help St. Jude bring about a happy ending.


I cannot get enough of author Sandra Hill’s TANTE LULU adventures. This latest novella, SAVING SAVANNAH, is a total delight, bringing out all the Cajun charm, sassiness, family solidarity, hope, matchmaking, humor, passion and tender love that this series is known for. As always, Tante Lulu sets out to aid her favorite saint, St. Jude with the help of her family members, who are often exasperated with her, but are always there to assist. The crazy antics of this family will have you laughing out loud. If you are not familiar with Ms. Hill’s work or the TANTE LULU adventures, this novella is an excellent way to sample it. Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy. I am sure that, like me, you will quickly become a fan!


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