Scarecrow And Betsy McGee: Book 1: Triple D
By Phyllis Ingram
Sep 1, 2005 - 3:19:00 PM

Betsy McGee was forty and upset because her worthless, cheating ex-husband left her. Today was the start of being a new Betsy; and being at the Triple D Ranch, looking at all the eye candy, was certainly a great start.  Of course, she did not make a great impression on the waiter she had knocked down.  He complained about being pinched, tickled and now tackled.  Interesting. Betsy had been a waitress and had put up with that sort of treatment for years so she really did not have any sympathy for him.

Somehow Betsy slipped on a banana, fell on top of the waiter and stars exploded in her head.  They happened to kiss and his breath tasted like peppermint.  Then he proceeded to dump her on the floor, grab his tray and walk away.  No one saw how aroused she had gotten from a simple kiss. Why, she did not even know his name!

Roarke Mathews, code name Scarecrow, was on a mission and he had no time for a woman, or so he thought.  Then why was he still thinking of Betsy? One kiss should not have affected him like that.  He had drug dealers to stop. 

TRIPLE D is the first novella in the SCARECROW AND BETSY MCGEE trilogy.  I look forward to reading BOOK II, MATTRESS GAMES and BOOK III, CHINESE DELIGHT.  Trixie Stilletto does not fail to delight me with her writing.  I do enjoy her stories and am happy to review them. TRIPLE D has intrigue and lots of interesting sex.

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