Scarlet and the Sheriff

Author: Carly Carson

Publisher: eRed Sage

Release Date: September 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Tory Monroe never intended to stop over in Lovestruck, Tennessee.  It was just her dumb luck that her attempts at cooling down result in her flashing an oncoming truck driver and he apparently couldn’t oogle her and drive at the same time.  The pile up of cars means the sheriff has to get involved and the last thing Tory wants is to answer a bunch of questions when she’s trying to get as far away from her ex-fiancé as possible. 

Sheriff Rand Hart can’t help but be enchanted with the young woman causing such havoc in his small law abiding town.  Her car is registered in her ex-fiancé’s name and she doesn’t have any identification that coincides with the name she’s given and even though she’s clearly at fault in the traffic accident she still manages to turn it around so that the fault lies elsewhere.


When the sheriff asks Tory her name she claims that it’s Victoria Scarlet.  She’s always wanted to be Ms. Scarlet and she won’t be in this small town long enough for anyone to learn any different.  Unfortunately it’s a holiday weekend and it’s going to be several days before her car can be repaired. The last thing she wants to be is stuck in this town with the utterly desirable sheriff.  The whole time he was questioning her in his office she delighted in antagonizing him with her attitude and sexual innuendoes but she hadn’t expected to be without a car or money and at his mercy.  Fortunately Rand takes a special interest in Victoria, a.k.a. Scarlet, and decides to keep an eye on her… as well as a few other um, body parts.  What seems like just a friendly overture may have worried Tory if she had been aware that her ex-fiancé has a warrant out for her arrest – for the theft of the engagement ring which he’d given her.  Can Tory trust Rand with the truth about what happened with her ex or will she run from the one man who may be able to help her?


SCARLET AND THE SHERIFF captured my attention from the very first page and never ceased to amuse me throughout the entire storyline.  Tory’s off the cuff comments and unexpected actions had me giggling as I eagerly anticipated Rand’s reactions.  I have to tell you for an upstanding sheriff he’s full of surprises and definitely not lacking in creative ways to seduce Tory.  The way they interact with each other had me snickering one minute and hot and bothered the next.  Carly Carson has definitely proven herself a noteworthy author in my opinion and I’ll certainly be on the lookout for more of her stories.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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