Scarred Hearts
By Angel
Jun 21, 2007 - 11:40:13 AM

Charil Ross is the best at what she does and that's racing bikes.   Of course it's a predominately male related sport.   She has earned a place among their ranks and is admired by all.   When her brother gets killed she has a new leash on life and one of her main objectives is to get revenge for her brother's death.   She meets Range and falls instantly in lust.

Range is hired to kidnap Charil and expects it to be just another job.   After meeting her, Range knows that she is unlike any woman he has ever met before.   Charil is not one to just sit and wait for something to happen.   She’s a fighter and will not just be someone’s captive.   Range recognizes a fighting spirit and finds himself deeply involved in Charil’s plight.


Charil has to fight within herself to get over her past and the death of her brother.   That is hard to do when the person responsible is after you.   Range is the dangerous mercenary hired to kidnap Charil, but she is nothing like what he expects.   Charil's rough and tumble ways are great and make her a realistic heroine.   Range is sexy in a dark way and you can tell that he is used to danger lurking around every corner.   The passion between this couple is hot enough to cause a volcanic eruption.   Vonna Harper has done a great job of putting this dark tale together and proving that revenge is not always the best way to go.

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