Scavenger Hunt: Mystical Sign Series

Author: Michele Imiola

Publisher: Venus Press LLC

Release Date: February 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Mia Maxwell walked into Hannigan's ready to let off some steam with her friends, Tina and Jules.  She was a few minutes early and with glancing around, she noticed that the bar seemed to be hopping tonight.  She saw that the backroom was full of men cheering and backslapping each other.  The bartender told her it was a bunch of regular ex-fraternity brothers that meet every few weeks.

Mia orders her drink and wonders when she would hear from the publishers about her first book. Just as she brought her thoughts under control, she looks down at the end of the bar, noticing right away, the most delicious, delectable man she'd ever seen was standing there. He had all the right assets and couldn't help stare while she checked out his entire frame. When she was finished inspecting him, their glances met and he was smiling at her.
Jason noticed a beautiful redhead staring at him like a piece of chocolate candy. So he did some inventory checking of his own and noticed she had curves in all the right places and firm shapely legs and she was wearing a blouse that complimented her full upper torso too! 
Jason and his  buddies were there for a scavenger hunt. Mike was the leader and he explained the rules and how much was at stake. May the best man win!  Jason was determined to win and wanted tonight's winnings for his sister, Janine as a wedding present. He had a target in his mind already and headed straight to the bar, towards the redhead sitting alone. As he approached her he formulated a plan.
A rich deep voice near Mia's ear asked what was her sign and she turned to look at the source and couldn't help but answer the question. Jason thanked his lucky stars!  She asked him why he wanted to know and what would she get in return. Jason had no choice but to tell her he needed the information for a scavenger hunt and Mia smiled like a cat.
SCAVENGER HUNT by Michele Imiola is very steamy and just delightful.  Jason sets out to involve Mia in all of the scavenger hunts because he can't get enough of her.  The scavenger hunts in this story is a good way to become involved and get to know someone you truly want to love. Ms. Imiola kept my attention through this entire book and I highly recommend that you read SCAVENGER HUNT! I know I'll be looking for Ms. Imiola's next book too!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Connie Spears

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