Scent of a Woman
By Cat Cody
Jun 21, 2007 - 12:45:19 PM

Perfumer Danielle Chevalier has been burned before. Her last boyfriend stole one of her scents and destroyed not only her trust but her self-confidence as well. Now she has to prove herself to her brother and to the rest of the insular perfume industry. Going on a Mediterranean cruise with other perfumers will not only recharge her creative batteries, it will also help her make the contacts that will save her family’s faltering business. That is, if she can keep her mind on business and off the very tempting Adam Burns.

Adam would rather be castrated than spend ten days stuck on a cruise ship with a bunch of stuffy European perfume industry bores. Unfortunately, his brother broke his ribs covering for Adam so Adam has to go. Things pick up when he sees the gorgeous French woman, Danielle. Even though they’re competing for the same account, he can’t help but set out to seduce her. Maybe this cruise wasn’t such a bad idea after all.


Although Adam and Danielle know they’re competing for the same account, they can’t seem to stay away from one another. The attraction between them is electric and neither one wants to say goodbye. But when the contracts are signed, will they still be able to remain friends? Or more?


Joanne Rock writes a story that will seduce your senses on so many different levels, you’ll drown in the sensations and love every second of it. From the lush scenery to the delightful characters you’ll drink in every word like the finest of wines. Fans of Ms. Rock’s Blaze stories won’t be disappointed by the love scenes in SCENT OF A WOMAN, and new fans will be thrilled to find a fantastic and prolific new author. SCENT OF A WOMAN will capture your attention from the first word and never let go.



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